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Friday, July 8, 2016

Duora 7 Demo review

First Impression:

The 2nd racquet from the Duora series after the Duora 10, It is a balance all rounder racquet. The colours and physical shape can be found in Vonex website and reviews by other badminton reviewers.

Demo review

I played mostly doubles (and half court singles)

TOC (time on court) when making review:

total of 1 hour of game play.

Warm Ups:

Warming involves baseline to baseline forehand clears.

Clears are long and far owing to the aerodynamics of the racquet and how strong the racquet swings, you can literally feel the momentum of the racquet cutting through the air. If one word is to describe this racquet is 'thick'. Thick like as in big and thick frame and shaft. Unlike its predecessor the Arcsabers, Duora 7 has a thick frame and shaft.

When contacted on the sweetspot, the force imparted on the shuttlecock can be felt acutely on your hands, i.e. the repulsion. Although, these could also be attributed to the strings you used, in my case the trusty BG66.

Drives are favourable given it is an even balance racquet with specially designed frame. The racquet is relatively manoeuvrable.

The racquet shaft is thickly sized and felt that the stiffness is stiffer than Yonex's medium flex rating. The kickpoint of the racquet, i.e. where it 'snaps' when whipped felt it's more towards the center.

Game Time:

I won't go into detail each and every shot tried.

The even balance of the head of this racquet is apparent, as one can comfortably and easily whip the racquet to hit shuttle comfortably with the backhand strokes for fast jabs.

Owing to the balance and aerodynamic frame, this racquet is very easy to handle, easy to go short handle grip to long handle grip.

Not much fatigue felt on my hands after an hour of game.

Front court: Aerodynamics of the racquet frame allow adequate performance of netshots, netkills and crosscourt net shots. Adequate for backhand drive and jabs. However, felt that the racquet is not fast at the net but that's my opinion. 

Midcourt: This racquet plays good in the mid court range area as it is both good in attack and jabs. The even balance and aerodynamics allows fast reaction. I felt that at midcourt is where this racquet excels.

Back court:

Basically smashes, drops and clears in backcourt. This racquet is great at the back, pumping smashes and full length clears. The racquet felt like a headheavy racquet when performing a full swing.

Control is good, slicing (normal and reverse) and checked drops are precise, fast and relatively accurate. However if the pace is faster, control suffers owing mistiming issues especially at front court.


An even balance racquet for great control at midcourt and backcourt. Control is sacrifice at a faster pace and sluggish at front court.

Feel: 9/10

Control: 9/10

Power: 9/10

Defence: 9/10

Maneuverability: 8/10

Pros: Maneuverability on the defence and momentum of the frame (Duora effect).

Cons: Feels less aerodynamic than the thin frame/shaft Arcsabers. Sluggish at front court.

Suitability: intermediate/advanced players 3U and 2U

Player type: All rounder racquet.

Footnote: this review was done as a hobby and as an interest to inform fellow badminton enthusiast. This is my personal opinion and in no form to promote this racquet.

Conflict of interest: None

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