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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Yonex Nanoray GlanZ-armchair impression

I was eyeing this racquet for some time and managed to get my G5 claws wrapped around it for an upclose and personal inspection. 

My first impression is the racquet looks impressive or ahem, expensive. Comes in 'Brilliant Black' colour scheme (as described by Yonex).

The material used is marketed as REXIL FIBER and according to Yonex is based on the theory of torque power. Not only that, the racquet shaft is made flexible while absorbing shock/vibration while maximising repulsion. Based on this feature alone, I am inclined to think that this racquet might not be very good at control and not going to be accurate.

Racquet is headlight as it is under the Nanoray classification.

The shaft is made from HM graphite plus Nanometric and X-Fullerene. Whilst the frame is made from REXIL FIBRE and Nanometric.

Unfortunately, the maximum recommended tension is only 22lbs.

One redeeming quality of the GlanZ is the large sweetspot and ease of use.

Large torque from flexi shaft and headlightness means backhand strokes are going to be good perhaps awesome.

My only curiosity is how good is backhand smashing is with this black beast. Perhaps it will made Taufik Hidayats out of those who backhand smashes with it. The pull factor for me is it perhaps may unlock the Taufik in me...

I am tempted to try and review this racquet but the specs...er just may not be suitable for me.

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