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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Is Badminton a Spectator Sport worth paying a premium?

I was wondering about this question, given the lack of popularity of Badminton as a spectator sports in North America.

Having lived for a while in Canada and California, I come to appreciate the sporting culture of North America.

The most popular sport in North America is American Football, MLB, NBA and NHL.

Granted the above are team sports, held outdoors in stadium that can house tens of thousands spectators particularly football and baseball. Hence, it's not a comparison.

Even indoor sports like NHL and NBA, can attracts thousands of spectators.

A more fair comparison is Tennis, eventhough tennis is an outdoor sports.

Given, the advertisements, sponsorship, TV rights and most of all ticket paying spectators; these sports have customers willing to pay high priced tickets to watch these games.

Granted Badminton is not a team sports that generate hype, news, playoff  standing watching and rivalry and most of all story. Sports story that sells...

Sports network like ESPN, TSN, etc have stories that sell.

In addition, there is no industry of sports memorabilia that can sell for thousands for example rookie cards, jerseys and autograph stuff. An All-Star player  autographed shoes or Jersey can sell for a small fortune.

How much can an autographed Lin Dan Jersey fetched?

Would you pay a 100 bucks to watch a badminton game?

What do you guys think?

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