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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thailand Open 2016

BWF just launched a new look website.

The BWF events website did not do a good job listing the venue of the tournament.

Link here.

 For example, although on the top left side of the website, it says Nimibutr Stadium, clicking the link 'venue' gives the venue as Bangkok and not the stadium. See below

Before this new website, I was in the dark as to which city, the Thailand Open will be held? Is it Chang Mai, Pattaya etc. The BWF calender was not updated even today when the tournament starts...

Worse of all, clicking the link official website gives the link below, a...facebook page.

Actually upon further research, Nimibutr stadium is non other than the National Stadium near MBK complex.

 I could have made plans to visit Thailand Open, but given the lack of information, I was in the dark about the location and could not buy the plane ticket and hotel room in time.

I believe fans are also a source of revenue for BWF but it seems like BWF do not help fans who wish to travel internationally to watch the games in the stadium.

The stadium is in the best location possible for badminton tourist like me. There's the row of Badminton shops, MBK and Siam Paragon nearby and BTS station nearby e.g. National Stadium.

Poor marketing decision by BWF. I could have fix this problem but let's leave to another day...

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