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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2 dollar or 100 Yen racquet - cheap racquet

I saw a racquet at Daiso which cost 2 Singapore dollars or 100 Yen.

The racquet is pretty basic and cheap. I wonder how would this racquet perform?

If I were to review this racquet I would rate it as 10/10 for value...

The 2 dollar racquet even comes with free shuttle cock.

Grip is pretty slim around G5-G6 in diameter.

Strings are basically fishing net type with 10 lbs tension and flexy shaft.

Imagine if there is a Pro Player Cheap Racquet Challenge, something like DigitalRev's Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge.
i.e. Lee Chong Wei using this racquet in a match.
That would be a cool documentary to shoot.

I actually have the tools to shoot a documentary or a indie film.

I need a cool story though...and the time.

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