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Thursday, November 24, 2016

What do retired professional badminton players do after hanging up their racquets?

 I was staying in a hotel at Kota Damansara KL and spotted two familiar faces smiling back at me.

Wait, it's ex national player Lee Wan Wah and Chan Chong Min.

Haven't seen them in the badminton stadiums for ages.

Spotted the large poster, where they are marketing the Fleet brand racquets - Wan Wah wrapping his left hand around Chan Chong Min in a bromance embrace.

Apparently, I did not follow their post professional badminton careers.

Upon further research, they open some badminton courts with other ex-national players and doing coaching for a living.

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I visited their Sunsuria pioneer badminton hall.

It is next a indoor soccer court. Courts are rubberized mat with good lighting.

 I did not bring my racquets and didn't get the chance to play with the locals.

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