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Friday, December 5, 2008

Badminton is a technical sport

Everybody who plays badminton knows it's very easy to start playing the game, just hit the shuttle across the net. This is even without proper training.

The most important skill to learn for beginners is the grip. This is the fundamental to stroke selection and the direction/trajectory of the shuttlecock. After the grip, the ready position. After that is the basic footwork to 4 corners and the return to the centre base. Lastly is the strokes.

But the technical skill of badminton takes years to learn. There are many scenarios, shot selection, guile, movements and most important maintaining dynamic balance, to be able to retrieve any shots quickly.

It's a highly demanding sport in terms of reflexes. Timing is extremely important when hitting a stroke, the delicate tumbling net shots, drop shots are contrasted with the powerful smashes and clears.

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