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Monday, December 15, 2008

Menicus damage vs articular cartilage damage

I just came back from a day-long talk at A-star's IBN at Matrix Biopolis.

Interesting talk.

One particular talk captures my thought.

by Dr. Justin Cooper-White.

Basically, with all the advances in bioengineering and stem cell research, meniscus is still impossible to reconstruct. Yikes. And it happens frequently in sports...

An important lesson I learn is that, of all the joints in the body, the knee is the most important. It's the most complex and difficult to treat. With the onset of degenerative disease like Osteoarthritis, it's impossible to regain natural freedom of motion without excruciating pain. Remember kids, save the knees.

A reminder by Xiao Jie, that the knees should flex more than 90 degrees when landing to prevent injury.

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