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Sunday, December 21, 2008

One of my Post in Badmintoncentral

Wow, I can't believe it. one of my post has so many people replying. But it's not easy to come out with good ideas. In research, your good ideas might seem good but some people in the world might think about it 1st.

"Best frontman in Men's doubles

Normally in men's doubles, there is a distinct role each player has,especially in an attacking position; where the front person becomes the 'netman' and the back person becomes the 'baseline smasher'.I feel that the netman is the key to win in Men's doubles...his role is like a quarterback in American Football....setting up shots for his back partner to violently hit the shuttle downwards. The netman normally wins the point by driving or smashing directly near the net which is almost impossible to return.The net man is also a very strong leader...cocky and very vocal.

I feel the best netman in World badminton today are:

1) Koo Kian Kiat: a delight to watch...arrogant...and creative...one of the best badminton brains.

2) Cai Yun: Pure attacking player...sets up Fu Haifeng very well....also has a killer diving net smash...nasty desposition on court...intimidates opponents.

3) Hendra Setiawan....very good at intercepting crosscourts clears and drives...beautifully sets up Kido for jump smashes

4) Lee Yong Dae....creative player with lightning speed...sets up Jae-Sungwell

5) Jens Eriksen....his height enables him to intercept weak clears with devastating net smash."

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