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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Racquets I used to own

My current racquets:

1X AT900P 3UG5(Markis Kido)
1X NS9900JP 2UG5
1X Gosen Roots Aermet 6900 3UG5
2X Ti-10 3UG5 (Koo Kien Kiat)
1x Carbonex 21SP 2UG4
1x APACS weight training racquet 120g G5.

Used to own:

2X AT900T 3UG5 SP/JP
1X AT700 3UG4 SP
1X NS9000X 3UG4
1X NS5000 3UG4
1X Carbonex 21 special SP 2UG4
1x Gosen Roots Aermet 2700 3UG5
1X Wilson K-Tour
1X Wilson K-Pro
1X MP99 SP 3UG5
1X Ti-10 3UG4 (2nd Gen)
1X Carbonex 8 SP

Heck I'm such a Yonex Homer, they will be lucky if I work for them. :) How to submit my resume?

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