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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weight of racquets and stiffness

When choosing a racquet, there are questions one need to ask.

1) Am I a single or doubles player?
2) Am I a defensive/offensive or all around (defense/offense) player?

Generally to answer these questions is pretty simple.

1) If you are a single player preferbly a head heavy racquet is better as it provides more momentum in a slower swing.
If you are a doubles player, a headlight racquet is definitely better than a headheavy one. Headlight racquet favours the wrist as it generally quicker and benefit the short hitting action. In doubles, there is more pressure in the defense and the defensive properties of a headlight racquet is better. One can also choose an even balance racquet if one plays both singles/doubles.

2) Generally, a stiff racquet is consider a more offensive racquet. However, one must bear in mind, if one has a fast swing and strong enough to flex the stiff racquet, then the power of the racquet will be unleashed. A more flexible racquet benefits a slow swing which benefits weaker players. A medium flex is suitable for both strong and weak players. A defensive player will probably benefit from a headlight flexible/medium racquet or a flexible head heavy racquet. A offensive player will probably benefit from a stiff or extra stiff head heavy/even/headlight balance racquet. An all round player is probably suited for even balance stiff/medium balance racquet.

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