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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Reverse Badminton :)

The term around the head shot can be named interchangably with reverse shots.

i.e. reverse smash, reverse clear, reverse drop and reverse drive. Basically it is a shot you take over your non-dominant shoulder. It's primarily an overhead stroke (above net level)

It's the prefered way to hit the shuttle on your backhand side. It has numerous advantages over the backhand shot:
1) you can see the shuttle in front of you and the position of opponent

2) you can hit a forehand shot (via pronation which is more powerful than supination)

3) you have more variety of shots to hit

4) you can gain the initiative to attack

The disadvantage are the following:

1) in singles, it's more draining on your stamina than a backhand shot. Backhand strokes are quicker to return to the ready position at center court.

2) higher risk of ankle roll since the upwards of 3X your body weight lands on your foot, especially the reverse jumpsmash.

It's always taught to players to use this shot rather than the backhand. Backhand = Bad habit.

Fu Hai Feng (CHN) going for the reverse jumpsmash

Koo Kien Kiat (MAS) going for the reverse jumpsmash

Former player Zhang Ning(CHN) doing the reverse drop

Former player Zhang Ning (CHN) doing the reverse sliced drop

Anthony Clark (a leftie) pulled off two reversed sliced drop in succession


Xie Xing Fang (CHN) doing a reverse smash

Scissor kicking

Reverse shots are a dynamic shot. Basically you need to use your body's momentum to generate power. It's not only the wrist that's involved. The scissoring of the body is known as the scissor kick. It basically enables the player to hit a powerful shot on their forehand and allows the player to return to base quickly. This is fundamental to recovery for the next shot.

For singles player, the scissor kick is directed to centre court. For doubles player, it's usually to centre as well but behind the front player if you are smashing from the baseline.

Here Lee Chong Wei (MAS) demonstrating the scissor kick after a reverse shot

Sony Dwi Kuncoro (INA) scissor kicking to return to centre court

Koo Kien Kiat (MAS) scissor kicking to return to his base on the right

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