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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Badminton tournament post Olympics

With the end of the Olympics, the world of badminton has witness an even playing field.

Unlike the London Olympics, China the powerhouse of world badminton, did not sweep the gold medals.

This allowed non-power house countries like Spain, wining the women's singles and Japan winning the women's doubles to achieve Olympic glory. The former power house of world badminton, Indonesia managed to get a gold in the mixed doubles. However, China retain the golds from both the men's singles and doubles. Malaysia, a former powerhouse managed to get 3 silver medals, her best achievement in Olympic badminton to date.

What this means is there is an emerging parity in terms of skills partly driven by technology, training and nutrition. Last but not least with many ex-national players from traditional powerhouse countries working as coaches overseas, the coaching knowledge, technical skills and experiences are transmitted all over the world.

The next super series will be interesting, seeing perhaps a blooding of new players to gain big game experiences from these tournaments.

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