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Monday, August 22, 2016

Victor Jet Speed S 12 vs Victor Brave Sword 12 physical armchair review

 Victor racquets have most of the specs written on a piece of sticker wrap around the racquet handle.
 The racquet frame has the single pass grommets at the 11 O'clock and 1 O'clock position.
The high end Victor racquets have a 'Made in Taiwan' word engraved on the shaft. A simple bending of the shaft, i.e. holding the handle with one hand while holding the frame with another hand indicates that the racquet is not that flexible and it felt stiff just as indicated by the Victor rating system.
 For a 3U racquet, max tension recommended is 30 lbs.
The racquet has an Aero-Sword type of aerodynamic frame which is more rounder on the edges than the chiseled angular frame of the Brave Sword series.

Here is the swish sound of the Jet Speed S 12 forehand cutting thru the air in comparison with the BraveSword 12. The Jet Speed S 12 sound cutting thru the air has meatier lower pitch sound compared to the 'shriller' swooshing sound of BraveSword 12. The racquet head speed felt the same but regarding the swing, I felt the Jet Speed S 12  has more momentum on the downwards stroke. In theory and on court, I felt the same way, Jet Speed S 12 has better momentum on the full swing strokes like clears and smashes.

On the backhand swing sound, again the Bravesword 12 has a more apparent sharper swooshing sound than Jet Speed S12. In theory, the Bravesword 12 has a better backhand swing with a fantastic sharp swooshing sound than the duller sound of Jet Speed S 12. What this means is Bravesword 12 is better and easier in generating racquet head speed on the backhand. On court, I felt that the Bravesword 12 is extremely wieldy on the backhand strokes like lifting, clear, drives and even smashes. The Jet Speed S 12 is no slouch either but BraveSword 12 is just a fantastic backhand racquet.

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