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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Victor JETSPEED S12 Review

Racquet Type: Victor JETSPEED S12
Specs: 3UG5
Flex: stiff
Balance: even balance
Strings: Yonex BG66
Tension: 25lbs, pre-stretched using Yonex ES5PROTECH
Grip: Toalson overgrip + cushion wrap + original grip
Technology: Pyrofil, Aero-Sword, TERS
Shuttles used: Victor Master Ace

Preview: Initially, I was hesitant to try a Victor flagship racquet given the increasing cost of high end Victor racquets over the years. However, seeing that it is an unofficial update on the popular Bravesword 12, I gave this racquet a go. Not only that, the marketing strategy of Victor sponsoring Korean, Indonesian and Malaysian national teams coupled with their exposure in the 2016 Olympics, I was attracted and thought, why not? The Olympic wining team of Liliyana Natsir/Tontowi Ahmad, together with many Korean and Malaysian players using this racquet in the Olympics became a self marketing success for Victor racquets.

Description: This racquet has an even balance with a stiff flex. A direct successor to the popular but uber stiff JETSPEED S10, this racquet is an update with a flexier shaft, with the same frame shape named AERO-SWORD but with a new material called TERS, Twin Eposy Resin System. TERS are found on the frame and on the shaft with a material called Pyrofil by Victor. The main colours of the racquet are luminous yellow, slate grey, silver and some blue highlights. The colours and physical shape can be found in Victor website and reviews by other badminton reviewers.

Final comprehensive review

Warm Ups:

Warming involves baseline to baseline forehand clears.

Clears are long and far owing to the aerodynamic frame of the racquet and how fast the racquet swings, you can literally hear the slicing sound of the racquet cutting through the air, just like a Bravesword 12 but more lower pitched.

When contacted on the sweetspot, the force imparted on the shuttlecock can be felt acutely on your hands, i.e. the repulsion. Although, these could also be attributed to the strings you used, in my case the trusty BG66. Even I was new in wielding this racquet, I feel I can get the sweetspot easily which is an improvement on the BraveSword 12 imho.

Drives are pretty fast owing to the 'aerodynamic' aero sword-like frame. The racquet is maneuverable and good for fast reaction although the 3U meaty mass makes it slightly sluggish at the net.

The racquet shaft is normal size and felt that the stiffness is as advertised as Victor's stiff flex rating. The kickpoint of the racquet, i.e. where it 'snaps' when whipped felt it's more towards the frame hence by swinging it fast, it still bends little giving it excellent control. Perhaps, using material science technology like TERS, Victor improve the elasticity of the shaft. I need a high speed camera to confirm this though.

Game Time:

I won't go into detail each and every shot tried.

Generally since I am playing doubles, receiving of serve and serve are great as expected for a fast and aerodynamic racquet.

The even balance of the head of this racquet is apparent, as one can comfortably and easily whip the racquet to hit shuttle comfortably with the backhand strokes for fast jabs.

Owing to the balance and aerodynamic frame, this racquet is very easy to handle, easy to go short handle grip to long handle grip

Front court:  As a 3U racquet, it's aerodynamic frame allow fast handling to perform netshots, netkills and crosscourt net shots. Though no headlight front court killing machine, it is adequate to control the net and force turnover lifts.

Midcourt: This racquet plays great in the mid court range area as it is both good in attack and jabs. The fast handling and aerodynamics allows fast reaction. As for drive shots, this racquet is good on the backhand but hits like a sledgehammer on the forehand.

Back court:

Basically smashes, drops and clears in backcourt. This racquet is great at the back, pumping smashes and full length clears. The racquet hits like a head heavy racquet on the forehand even though it's an even balance racquet. Doing the full swing, it is still very accurate to control your smashes or clears owing to the sitff shaft.

Control is excellent, slicing (normal and reverse) and checked drops are precise, fast and accurate. Even if the pace is faster, control is very good owing to the large sweetspot imho.

A great all rounder racquet, although even balance, it's more powerful on the forehand strokes than backhand strokes. Has great control with little or no torque/twisting and less off center shot making. Surprising big sweetpot and generating meaty smashes/clears with ease. I felt that it is like an updated Bravesword 12 with better control and power on the forehand but weaker at the backhand.

Feel: 9.5/10

Control: 9.5/10

Power: 9.5/10

Defence: 8.5/10

Maneuverability: 9/10

Suitability: intermediate/advanced players 4U for doubles and 3U for singles

Player type: Fast racquet for counter-attacking and pure attacking.

I played mostly doubles (and half court singles)

TOC (time on court) when making review:

total of 20 hours of game play.

Footnote: this review was done as a hobby and as an interest to inform fellow badminton enthusiast. This is my personal opinion and in no form to promote this racquet.

Conflict of interest: None

Reference: Victor website (accessed @ 20/8/16)


Amirul Afiq said...

Hello, how about the defence. Does it easy to lit the shuttle up while being a 3u racket?

badmintan said...

Defense is ok, but a bit tiring/feel heavy after a long rally.

The 4U is better for defense imho.

Sean Tan said...

Hi any idea how this racket compares to jetspeed 10? Looking to get a new racket. I have tried js10 but i feel that the sweetspot on the js10 is harder to get and when you dont hit the sweetspot you get this weird feeling from the racket.not sure about this racket

badmintan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
badmintan said...

Hi Sean,

I do not have the Jetspeed S10, but I briefly demoed a 4U JS10.

The JS10 is headlight, as printed by Victor on the shaft, with extra stiff flex.

As you can clearly see the word headlight balance and maximum stiffness.

The JS12 is even balance and has a stiff flex.

I think JS10 is harder to flex than JS12.

JS10 better at backhand/defence. JS12 better at attack/forehand.

If you used Yonex racquets before, it's like NS9900 vs Arcsaber10.

Sean Tan said...

Thank you for the reply.

So from your knowledge would you recommend the jetspeed 12 over the 10? Some reviews say that the speed of the js10 is faster in terms of maneuverability. Jetspeed 12 isnt much slower right? I like the feel of the jetspeed 10 but it seems that i would be better off with the bigger sweet spot of the js12.

Im quite okay with using stiff rackets as im using the arc 10 currently. Havent used the ns9900 before though.

badmintan said...

I would recommend the 4U JS12. My friends demoed my 3U JS12-they all find it a bit head heavy and not as fast. The 4U JS12 should be better at defense, front court, fast for doubles etc.

You will not go wrong with either a 4U JS12 or 4U JS10.

thanks for visiting my blog.

Sean Tan said...

Okay! Thank you so much!

SalsaZensations said...

Did you ever weigh the 4U as the specs seem to allow too much leeway?

SalsaZensations said...

Did you ever weigh the 4U as the specs seem to allow too much leeway?

badmintan said...

Sometimes at the shop when selecting the weight. Generally, I never encountered an off spec weight. See Victor weight guide http://sg.victorsport.com/product_content_668.html

Michael Zheng said...

Like your blog.
Can you compare the stiffness with Arcsaber 11? I can't decide which one to get between these two. I play doubles most of the time.Thanks

Ricky said...

Hi, anyone has any issue with the quality of Victor Jetspeed S 12? and the Hyponano x800? without clashing.
Victor used RRP but authorised seller tends to sell at price way below RRP(about 45% lower). Please share your thoughts and put aside whether sponsored by Victor or loyal to their Ambassador.