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Sunday, March 13, 2011

All England 2011 finals aftermath- the autopsy

1. WS-Wang Shixian (CHN) vs Eriko Hirose (JPN)
Winner: Wang Shixian 24-22, 21-18.
Synopsis: Eriko played very well to reach the finals. Endurance and fighting spirit is a plus for Eriko. However, skill wise, footwork and anticipation of opponent's shots, Wang Shixian seems to be better. A pretty close game, but the skill of Wang Shixian carried her through.

2. MD-Boe/Morgensen (DEN) vs Koo/Tan (MAS)
Winner: Boe/Morgensen15-21, 21-18, 21-18
Synopsis: Probably the best game of the day and the only one to reach rubber game. Koo/Tan played very well to reach the finals beating Fu/Cai and Kido/Setiawan along the way. They seemed like destined to win the finals. 1st game was all Koo/Tan, but the second game was a close game, very tightly fought game. 3rd game saw Koo/Tan leading much of the game, but Boe/Morgensen played steady. Boe/Morgensen made a lot of mistakes in the begining but held the fort. Unable to force the lift, Koo/Tan was instead forced by the Danish pair to lift. The height and speed of Boe at the net made the difference. The drives and lifts by the Malaysians were time and again intercepted and killed by Matthias Boe.


3. WD-Yu Yang/Wang Xiaoli (CHN) vs Mizuki Fujii/Reika Kakiiwa (JPN)
Winner: Yu Yang/Wang Xiaoli 21-2, 21-9
Synopsis: The most lobsided game of the day. The attacking play of Yu Yang/Wang Xiaoli against a relatively younger and less experienced pair, saw the Chinese pair romped their way to an easy victory. The Chinese coaches during intermission seemed very relaxed and casual. Yu Yang even throwed in some jumpsmashes to entertain the crowd. In short, this is a game of (All-star) athletes in their prime vs inexperienced rookies. A game of women vs girls.

4. XD-Chen Xu/Ma Jin (CHN) v Sudket Prapakamol/Saralee Thoungthongkam (THA)
Winner: Chen Xu/Ma Jin 21-13, 21-9
Synopsis: The 2nd most lobsided game of the day. The class of the Chinese pair saw them overcome the veteran Thai pair in an easy victory. The player of the match here is Ma Jin. Her setup play and net play saw the Chinese pair dictate the play. The most memorable part of the game was in the 2nd game, when the Chinese pair was leading 20-9, Sudket conceded defeat, allowing Ma Jin's serve to hit home. Sudket walked straight up to a surprised Ma Jin to shake her hand.


5. MS-Lin Dan (CHN) vs Lee Chong Wei (MAS)
Winner: Lee Chong Wei 21-17, 21-17
Synopsis: The battle between the top two players in the world served as a finale of the 2011 All-England. The 1st game was a closely fought game, Lin Dan was playing steady in the beginning and Lee Chong Wei kept the game close. After the intermission, Lin Dan made many mistakes and allow a disputed line call to affect him, which allowed Lee Chong Wei to pull away. The 2nd game was a close game as well. Lin Dan was playing Lee Chong Wei point for point and neck to neck, until the score reach 17-17. For some reason, Lin Dan fell victim to Lee Chong Wei's drops/smashes and was caught out of position. The unforced errors of Lin Dan also began to exceed Lee Chong Wei and was probably the difference in a close match.

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