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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yonex Voltric 80 vs Yonex AT900P

3UG5 AT900P vs 3UG5 VT80

Frame. The VT80 is more aerodynamic than AT900P. AT900P is more boxy in the frame

Shaft. The VT80 shaft is the thinnest (by Yonex) at the moment. A few micrometers thinner than AT900P's shaft. The shaft of AT900P is made from ultra high modulus graphite + elastic Ti, whereas VT80 is made from nanopreme+ultra PEF+ high modulus graphite.

What's the difference between these two racquets?

3UG5 AT900P vs 3UG5 Voltric 80

3UG5 AT900P = stiff flex and head heavy balance
3UG5 Voltric 80 = stiff flex and head heavy balance

Why this two racquets? AT900P is a popular racquet used by professionals in the international circuit. AT900P is used more commonly in singles. The AT900P is noted for its power and control, which are critical in singles game play. The Voltric 80 is a new head heavy balance racquet. It plays roughly close to an AT900P and is gaining in popularity...the branding of Yonex and the high profile player that uses this racquet, namely Lee Chong Wei made it well known.

In terms of singles play, three parameters are important namely:

1) power - like clears and smashes
2) control - able to hit the shuttle to the four corners, racquet head must be stable.
3) feel - the perception the shuttle upon impact at the string bed important for touch around the net, i.e. tumbling net shots

In my previous rating (which may vary under different people) which is consistent with my string tensions and grips. Both racquets are stiff (aiding in accuracy of shuttle) and I standby my ratings as follows:
AT900P Vs. Voltric 80
Power 10//10
Control 9//9.5
Feel 9.5//9.5

Therefore, under my testing and preference, I find both racquets are equally good as singles racquet. Slight edge to VT80 in control.

If one takes into consideration parameters like maneuverability and defense, the Voltric 80 is better than AT900P. The aerodynamics of VT80 definitely played a role here allowing better defense

AT900P vs Voltric 80
4) Maneuverability 8//8
5) Defense 6.5//7.5

Conclusion: The Voltric 80 is overall a better racquet than AT900P owing to the better control and defense. This advantage of VT80 boils down to aerodynamics while maintaining the power and feel of the AT900P. AT900P has a longer handle which allows it to be held up the shaft, this allows it to maneuver pretty well for a head heavy racquet.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and people may have different preferences, opinion and needs. This comparison serve as a rough guide to inform people who plans to choose which racquet to buy. In no way, I am promoting any of the racquets. Regretful purchase is the player's own responsibility.

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