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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Voltric 80 initial thoughts

Just managed to get my hands on a 3UG5 VT80 Sp specs. Initial thoughts-the racquet is definitely an upgrade on VT70. For about 20-30 bucks more, you will get the following improvements over the VT70.

Improvements are:
1) higher string tension, e.g a 3U version can take up to 27 lbs
2) stiffer than VT70 with new Nanopreme material on the shaft
3) the (slightly)slimmer shaft made the head slightly heavier (vs. VT70) with less air drag. Maneuverability somewhat improved? (This has to be tested to confirm)

The colors are the polar opposite (of VT70) with white as the dominant color.
My impression of this racquet is it felt similar to an arc Z-slash with a bigger head(frame)...need further testing to evaluate the racquet on court.

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