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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yonex Voltric 80 vs. Victor Meteor 80

Initial thoughts: I tested a 3UG2 Victor MX80 today.
Disclaimer: I did not play a full game with MX80 but played warm up for about 5 minutes.
Racquets used: 3UG5 Yonex Voltric 80 and 3UG2 Victor Meteor 80.
I find the MX80 is more comfortable to use than the Voltric 80 owing to the lighter head of the MX80.
Victor rated MX80 as extra stiff (on the cone of MX80, 5/5 dots), I find it not much stiffer than Voltric 80.
However, I found the Voltric 80 more head heavier than MX80. (Victor rated MX80 in terms of 4/5 dots in balance)
Since I play mostly doubles, my brief impression on MX80 is that it is more comfortable to maneuver and defend better, again owing to the less weight on the head.
In terms of of power, perhaps the Voltric 80 imho is better but not by much.
On the cost issue, MX80 is 15-20% cheaper than Voltric 80.
Performance wise, I find the MX80 faster and better in defence.
The Voltric 80 is perhaps better in attack and control.
In terms of feel, the Voltric 80 is better, but again not by much.
The 2 newest racquets looks and plays very well. The 3U MX80 is easier to play in doubles whereas the 3U Voltric 80 is probably better in singles. However, like all racquets, the differences may not be too great to make a difference in court performance. It boils down to preferences, feel and what type of player you are.


Royce said...

Awesome stuff.You bought the MX80 directly from Taiwan?

Are you a Penangite?From the Fischer badminton racquets picture on your blog,I'm very sure that is Bestech Sports Enterprise @ YMCA Penang

badmintan said...

Nope, it's from Singapore. Chris's shop @ http://www.badmintonshop.blogspot.com/

Yup, that's YMCA

badmintan said...

Hi someone, probably a 4U version of either racquet.

someone said...

hi again.... is the victor meteor x 80 better than the apacs finapi 80? pls let me know

badmintan said...

Hi Someone, I dunno, which is better for you? I suggest if you have chance to borrow the racquet from a friend and test it.

In summary
VT80: stiff flex and head heavy.
MX80: extra stiff and even balance.

Like to smash: VT80
Like to control: MX80

Never tried the Finapi 80 before, no comment.

Andy Ang said...

hello there,

which racket is for all round.

any model can suggest between yonex and victor.

playing double all the time.

playing style - both off and def.

but not a very very super strong smasher. which racket that can perform better smash and all round.

badmintan said...

You can never go wrong with a 4U head heavy or 3U headlight racquet. Preferably a stiff flex...You can search the model with these specs.
Hope that helps

JoRdAn who? said...

could you please tell me were you got your voltric 80 and 70 from?? (I might buy one)